Dec 2 2013

Wonderful, brilliant, delightful Charlotte drew all my fabulous babies from The Road to Jainen Tower and I am beyond thrilled at what a wonderful job she did. They’re perfect! Aren’t they perfect? They’re so perfect. Ahhh. Perfect.

Of course there’s Aeron, scholar and apostate, and his shit-eating smirk. He’s your character’s childhood friend former? current? lover. He likes to make fire dance across his knuckles and smack people with his staff and start bar fights he’s not about to finish. Something terrible happens to him! Fuck he looks so amazing I’m gonna puke.

There’s Reillya male Dalish rogue and the last character you meet. Reilly, his younger brother Natan, and his mother Senna, their clan’s First, were exiled from  when their Keeper assaulted Reilly’s mother and she refused his advances. Something terrible happens to them, too! Look at his beautiful face ahh shut up shUT UP.

Oh god then there’s Sorcha, the most precious baby of them all, a female warrior and Chasind Wilder. Sorcha is bitter and lonely, denied a position of leadership in her village in favor of her younger brother, Cathal. She fights with a sword and a spear and loves horses. Sometimes I think about her on the train to work and cry a little bit because I love her so much and she’s not real and, ah, jeez I’m crying again.

And Dagna! I couldn’t have a softer spot for Dagna. She lives in Kinloch Hold as the Circle’s archivist where she uses the power of her arcane knowledge to do great stuff I’m not going to tell you about! I love her role because she manages to exist within the Circle system as a resident scholar, but be forever outside of it as she is neither a mage (or capable of being one) nor a Templar. She’s invested in the Circle as an institution of learning and inquiry but can never fully participate in its community because of her Dwarven ancestry. Plus she’s really fucking cute and that is all Charlotte’s fault. 

Thank you, Charlotte!

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